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Legend of Dodgeball is a month-long project focused on professional art, animation, media and AI. The game was developed as an open-source starter project for the (free) FlatRedBall game engine. The game also focused on improvement to FlatRedBall's general-purpose, open source game UI and layout tool, Gum

Game requires at least one Xbox controller to play.

Source code available on Github.


Lost in the rain forests, you and your friends come upon an ancient dodgeball court and strike up a game in the beautiful scenery. 



Victor Chelaru - Tools and Engine, Game Design

Jared Bagley -  AI Design, Core Game Design

Devin GuthrieProgramming

Sean Kiley - Art and Animation

Marc Carlton - Sound Fx

Charlie Hoyt - Music

Install instructions

Windows only. Unzip the directory and double click "Launcher.exe." 

  • If Windows Smart Screen "protects you," click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway."
  • The game requires Microsoft XNA redistributable 4.0 and .NET 4.5.2. The launcher should automatically take you to the appropriate download if you are missing either requirement.


Dodgeball.zip 10 MB

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