A downloadable game for Windows

Anfloga is a month-long project focused on storytelling, exploration, and advanced 2D graphics. The game was developed as an open-source starter project for the (free) FlatRedBall game engine.

Source code available on Github.

$> Good morning, Anfloga Mining Corp. Employee ID xxx01.

$> You may be experiencing grogginess from the cryosleep resuscitation process.

$> This is normal and will wear off shortly.

$> As no human settlements lie within range of real-time communication, you will receive mission correspondence from me, the on-ship AI.

$> Please remember, commutation of your sentence depends on your total compliance  with the terms of your employee contract.

$> This includes Clause 3: "Employee must adhere to developing mission objectives as generated by the on-ship AI."

$> Thank you for your cooperation. 


Victor Chelaru - Tools and Engine

David Antognoli -  Game Design

Rick Blaylock - Programming

Justin Johnson - Art

Marc Carlton - Sound and Music


Anfloga.zip 16 MB

Install instructions

Windows only. Unzip the directory and double click "Anfloga Launcher.exe." 

  • If Windows Smart Screen "protects you," click "More Info" and then "Run Anyway."
  • The game requires Microsoft XNA redistributable 4.0 and .NET 4.5.2. The launcher should automatically take you to the appropriate download if you are missing either requirement.


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I really enjoyed this game I would like to see even more from, the art style is great and the way it builds to the end is wonderful. Keep up the great work!